How To Find The Writing School That’s Right For You

An online writing school may be the best fit for you.

An online writing school may be the best fit for you.

When you’re searching for a writing school, you must find one that will help you reach your creative writing goals—that will help you achieve what you want from your writing.

And since people write for a multitude of different reasons, not every writing school will fit every writer.


So What Sort Of Writing School Do YOU Need?

That depends.  What is your primary goal as a fiction writer?

  • To you want to teach writing in a university setting?

If you do, then only a university degree will get you where you want to go—and I can’t help you with that.  I’ve sold more than thirty novels so far, but I don’t have a writing degree, and I didn’t go to college.  I went to a two-year nursing school, worked for ten years as an RN—and became a full-time novelist from there.

  • Do you want to write only for your own amusement?

You don’t need anyone’s help for that, unless you’re focused on improving your work simply for the fun of it.  You might enjoy short courses on character creation or novel plotting—and I can certainly help you out there.  But you’d probably get what you’re looking for from writing articles posted on the web.  I’ve done more than a hundred thousand words of writing FAQs, articles, and workshops, all of them accessible on my personal site for no charge. And while my focus is on helping other writers do what I’ve done—create a full-time fiction-writing career from scratch in the shortest possible time—you’ll find plenty there to interest you.

  • Do you want to write and sell your fiction?

Then you need to learn from someone who actually writes novels and short stories for a living.  You need to avoid theory and deal with reality—you need a writing school that will walk you through the nuts and bolts of HOW you come up with ideas on deadline, HOW you write clean first drafts that require only one (admittedly intense) revision, HOW you market your work to the big New York publishers, HOW you find an agent, HOW you keep your work fresh year after year, HOW you put together self-pub novels and get them into the hands of readers, HOW you write what you love and find the readers who will pay you to write that…

And thousands of other things you will not and cannot find in college writing schools.

Writing fiction for a living is MY game—and if that’s
your goal, you’ll find the help you need at
Holly Lisle’s Writing Courses Now.

Everything I’ll teach you to do, I’ve already done.

I’ve sold more than thirty novels to the big New York publishers and to big international publishers, my work has been translated into many languages, I’ve moved into self publishing because the pay is better and so are the rights you keep (all of them) and I’ve kept my career alive for over twenty years now, in a business where the average writer who successfully sells to the big publishers is out of work in three books.

My objective is to teach novelists and other fiction writers how to write GOOD fiction that sells, how to do the actual selling, and how to create a writing career that will feed you, bring you joy, and allow you to reach the readers you want to find—readers who will love what you’ve written and who will happily follow your career, buy your stories, send you cool fan mail, and tell you why what you wrote made them happy and how your fiction makes their lives better.


These are not easy times for writers.
But then, NO times are easy times
if you want to sell your work professionally.

Creating a career in fiction is no different (and no easier) than creating a career in professional sports.

  • To  do this and succeed at it, you have to want it.
  • You have to love to write. Talking about it doesn’t count. Thinking about it doesn’t count. You have to actually enjoy sitting in a room by yourself creating worlds out of nothing, creating characters who live and breathe for you, creating plots that twist and race and leave you so excited while you’re typing them out that you hate the idea of quitting for the day.
  • You have to understand how writers achieve success, and how they fail.
  • You have to understand how the publishing industry works.
  • You have to understand what agents are looking for when you query them.
  • You have to know why writing what’s hot today is a career-killing mistake.
  • You have to know not just what you want to write, but WHY.
  • And you have to know how to fail toward success—how to use every mistake you’ve ever made to make your work stronger, to make your fiction better, to make your next story giant leaps ahead of what you’ve written before.

Real, published writers come from
every walk of life.


There is no “right” age you have to be, no “right” gender, no “right” race, no “right” college that will make you a writer.  Kids in middle school and high school sell first novels, and so do grandmothers and grandfathers, stay-at-home moms with kids in diapers, overworked guys and “wanna live on the beach” guys.

If you want to write, you can, starting from where you are right now.

If you want to shave years off the process, I’ll be happy to help.  Work your way through the courses here on my writing school.  I’ve made every mistake imaginable, I’ve learned from all of them, and I’ll show you what I did wrong as well as what I did right while teaching you to think and work like a pro novelist.

You can do this.

Write with joy,

Holly Lisle




Holly Lisle

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